Real-Time Data Insights and Analytics

Use our platform to get deeper insights to member development and upskilling progress. Uncover data to understand what motivates them to progress and participate. Know what actions they are likely to take next. Get all the data you need to boost member productivity and hiring.

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AI-Powered Platform

SkillSmith’s community member development platform is powered by AI. Our platform analyzes member behavior and gathers empirical data based on the engagement history to help you create custom rules. You are able to create multiple touch points, understand which rewards and messages work the best for them, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your program.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification

Robust Tracking Technology

Lighthouse by SkillSmith has the most robust tracking technology that offer you deep insights into community member progress, onboarding status, goals achieved, badges earned, and more. Nearly every activity on any device can be tracked by our system.

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Flexible & Automated Engagement

Accelerate skill adoption, content assimilation, and hiring with our AI and Machine Learning modules. Build valuable connections by spotting engagement trends and fine-tuning your community member development program.

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Insights and Analytics

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