Drive Skill Adoption With a Robust Platform

Lighthouse by SkillSmith nurtures talents and helps your community members find the right job with micro-learning content, mentor guidance, a case study-based methodology, and job opportunities.

Gamified Motivators

Dynamic leaderboards, virtual badges, and kudos motivate community members to achieve pre-defined goals

Goals & Objectives

Create custom goals based on today’s job requirements or community member profiles


Boost relevant skill development with easy-to-assimilate bite-sized content


Have focused topical discussions in a safe and private community environment that encourages creative thinking


360° Solution to Enhance Members Experiences

Our platform offers you the tools to create personalized learning paths and the ability to create custom content to ensure your community members acquire the skills that match today’s job requirements. You can choose from 200+ reward options that guarantee high engagement and daily progress.

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Unleash New Career Opportunities

With SkillSmith, your members gain access to a growing list of qualified job openings from organizations that let certified candidates bypass the dreaded resume filters and bots.

Branded Job Portal

Launch ready-to-use branded job portals that offer your members access to new opportunities

Earn Certifications

Let your members earn in-demand certifications that ensure they are shortlisted

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor progress with SkillSmith’ intelligent analytics that offer valuable insights

Personalized Assessments

Employees take up quick assignments to show how much they have learned so far


Intelligent AI Engine & Analytics

Gaining an understanding of your members’ learning behavior is crucial to creating an effective reskilling and upskilling program. Lighthouse by SkillSmith offers you insights that allow them to accelerate skill adoption and get ready for tomorrow’s career.

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Get Your Members Started Without Fuss

Streamline onboarding processes and boost member performance with personalized training content and checklists. Our platform ensures that your members comply with your rules and qualify for upcoming opportunities.

Centralized Onboarding & Management

Create custom onboarding packages, including forms, collecting digital signatures, and coaching checklists

One-Click Visual Tracking

Get detailed visual reports of onboarding status and coaching progress, and pull detailed reports in rich format with a single click

Personalized Inductions

Create personalized journeys based on member experiences, employment history, and past performance


Create exciting challenges around completing tasks based on your upskilling requirements

Equip members right skills

Equip Your Members With the Right Skills

Our turnkey platform allows you to create personalized checklists based on employment history to ensure that you can match candidates with the right job opportunities. Create custom content or get your members certified so they are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Seamlessly Integrate With Popular Tools

Build valuable member relationships that boost productivity and performance with Lighthouse. Our platform integrates seamlessly with major HRIS and LMS software, allowing you to automate and merge member development data.

Merge Data With CRM

Merge your development and engagement data with popular CRMs - Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and more

Automate Marketing

Create compelling automated campaigns based on your members’ learning patterns

Single Sign-On

Dramatically increase usage and security while allowing members to sign-in with a single click

HRIS Integration

Create, manage and update engagement across all popular HR systems – Bamboo, ADP, and more – or connect through API seamlessly.

Fast Track coaching progress

Fast-Track Coaching Progress

With valuable integrations, our platform lets you create multiple touchpoints and reward interactions as well. You can track every member activity and create content that drives engagement.

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Power Your Community With Resources

Engage each customer in their learning journey with our feature-rich platform that support sharing of resources in rich format. Easily motivate your members to consume content and develop the skills necessary for a bright future.

Rich Knowledge Platform

Easy-to-use interface allows you to upload content in rich format and your employees to easily access it

Personalized Resources

Lighthouse’s AI engine engages your members by suggesting role-specific resources

Unlimited Reward Options

200+ reward options ensure your members learn, upskill and employ their learnings in real life scenarios

Detailed Analytics

Get real-time updates on resource consumption and evaluate the most effective resources

Offer Dynamic

Offer Dynamic and Personalized Rewards

Easily encourage your community members to complete milestones and fast-track achievements that ultimately lead to effective hiring. Our platform features an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence Engine that boosts personalization and delivers a delightful experience for each employee. That satisfaction of achievement leads to longer lifetime value and a measurable boost in confidence.

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