Job Placement Assistance for Underrepresented Communities

Launch branded turnkey upskill and job placement portals tailored to your community’s needs. Our platform has everything needed for your community members to be job-ready.

  • 45%  Quicker Skill Adoption
  • 57%  Boost in Productivity
  • 79%  Higher Job Opportunities
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Access to Unique Job Opportunities

Get access to a consistently growing list of job openings from top organizations that let certified candidates bypass the dreaded resume filters and bots. Give your members a chance to realize a bright future with the SkillSmith platform.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring

We focus on real human connections and personalized attention especially when the pathway to success is long and filled with unique personal challenges. Our coaches and mentors create custom learning paths to guarantee skill adoption and a better future.

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Gamification-Enabled Learning

Our platform comes embedded with gamification tools that motivate community members to complete modules, achieve pre-defined goals, and participate in activities that accelerate skill adoption.

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Insights and Analytics

Get Results Within Days, Not Weeks!

Try the platform now, onboard your employee teams, and see positive results in a matter of days.

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